Country Manager’s Message

Mundipharma has established our offices in Thailand since 2013. The heritage of our business are in the areas of Consumer Health and Cancer Pain. Through this heritage we have built the foundation and capabilities needed to create a fast-growing organization.

Our focus is to provide what best fits the healthcare needs for patients in Thailand. This drives our passion to deliver best-in-class products, create access to our medicines, and build a fit for purpose innovation pipeline. We also strive to think differently and never lose the entrepreneurial spirit that has proven to drive success of our company.

Most importantly, our people and company values are at the core to create a successful organization. Mundipharma provides an environment that empowers people and give them the tools to succeed. Personally, I believe that each person must feel enabled and have ownership to deliver on our business goals. This way the company and each individual can grow together.

I am confident that Mundipharma Thailand is poised for continued success and will Bring More to Life for the people in Thailand.


Amy Zheng
Country Manager
Mundipharma Thailand